Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Listened to a pretty nice interview with founder of 37signals tonight. It is mainly focused for web application business development, though I feel that many of his points can be applied to mobile application too.

1. keep the products simple
- changes can be made quickly, so no big impact even if competitior comes out something new

2. let the staff do what they want to do
- no need to watchout 24x7, they will be excited to share with you what they have done

3. never do fancy reporting
- no one will really see it

4. pay attention on cash flow
- only spend on what you really need, focus on covering cost instead of how much earning

5. don't make big decision
- instead make lot of small/temporary decision so mistakes can be allowed

6. get the first version of product out first
- don't need to quit your job or get VC, just commit more & more time step-by-step


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