Thursday, December 28, 2006

Why agile development (continuous integration & unit testing)

A software project can be a lot like mowing a yard. Even though we try to move in a straight line, and we think we are, later we look back and are amazed at how far the project ran off course. Whether mowing yards or building software, we need timely feedback to help keep us on track. Looking back at completed software projects, or lawns, shows you where you missed the mark, but it's usually too late for that project. We need feedback while we're still in the midst of the work. Software development teams ignoring agile development are living in turmoil. Heroic efforts are not the exception but the rule. In fact, these teams always seem to be running behind. They always have a crisis issue to resolve or deadline to meet. They work and live in a perpetual twilight of stress and problems. They’ve lived there so long that they think it’s the only way to write software. Sadly, these teams tend to burn people out. I’ve been there and it’s no fun. Creating software can be a great joy -and is- when done right. Agile development can’t solve every problem, but it can remove several categories of problems that would otherwise clutter your day and slow you down.


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If you're a Mac software developer or a die-hard fan, you probably know that WWDC is Apple's World Wide Developer Conference. Apple hosts sessions to teach about development tools and related topics and they also give labs to sit and talk to the people that designed the Apple's systems.


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